Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coming Out of the Dark

I read something recently, I don't even remember where, pointing out that DaVinci, Michelangelo and Edison all had the same 24 hours in a day that each of us has. It was supposed to be encouraging. At least I think it was. It was actually kind of depressing.

On to what matters. Our new babies have decided it's no longer necessary to steal about cautiously and then run back under the chair. They now run around like double-parked bank-robbers on amphetamines, occasionally redecorating whatever's in their path, and then run back under the bed. Still, they're coming out for longer periods now and even letting us pet them, though picking up is still on the forbidden list. They're even starting to venture into areas lit well enough for that strange man they see living with them to take pictures. Not great pictures yet, more like the surveillance photos Jim Phelps used to pull out of the envelope before the tape self-destructed, but it's a start. They're easy to tell apart. The white triangle between Lillie's eyes points to her left/our right. On Willy it points to his right/our left.
It's fascinating to see their personalities start to emerge. So far, Willy seems to have a lot of the life-in-the-slow-lane approach to life that Skids had, though it may just be shyness he'll get over. Lillie is already showing great spitfire potential. She's transporter-cat, going from point A to point B apparently without ever being at any point in between. For a fraction of a moment I thought about renaming her Lamont Cranston because of her ability to cloud men's minds so they can't see her, but I'm not sure how many people would get it. Besides, we like the names their rescuers gave them, even if they are spelled funny. The other day she came running up the stairs and under the bed with a glove in her mouth that was nearly as big as she is. It's good to know if our home is ever overrun by gloves she'll track them down and kill them. As it is, I nearly fell over laughing, in spite of hating myself right then for not having a camera poised and ready to shoot at any moment.
Willy, still preferring the shadows


astoriasand said...

ROFL Ben at this is strange you have metioned lamont Cranston they call my DIL cat Shadow who lives in the USA haaaaa.I wonder why? The time to complain is when she starts to bring a few speedy gazales under your pooter chair haaaaaa.They are truly bonny kittens I must say.Aww !! Bless them.I am so happy they have a good daddy and so happy they are keeping you on your toes too, instead of your posterior at the pooter all the time haaaaaaaa.Thankyou for sharing the story,I have had a realy good laugh.Take Care Have a lovely Sunday evening.Kath
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amy122389 said...

I am in love with Lillie!!!  What a face!!  :-D

My new cat is really playful.  So much so that it looks like I have a heroin problem because she's always biting the crap out of my arm.....LOL


oldhousegal said...

What a couple of cuties!  I could relate to your comments on learning to tell them apart.  We acquired two of our currents cats as a package deal in 1996 -- both male, both orange.  We had a hard telling one from the other for about a week, but then the differences started to emerge and now I would never mistake one for the other.  I enjoyed your description of the dashing about that kittens are famous for -- my husband and I call that "fezzing," which is derived from the noun "fez," short for "furry evening zoomer."  Have fun with them.  Before you know it, they'll be cranky adult cats who have to have everything just so!