Monday, October 15, 2007

Proud Daddy

Quite a weekend here.

Did some baking - always a good sign - and after two attempts successfully made some really good strawberry jam. (The first attempt resulted in a brick-like substance that smelled like burnt strawberries.) And we went to the Cat Championship Show at Madison Square Garden. (Most readers probably already know where this is going.)

The show itself was great. Thousands of people paying $15 each to look at other people's cats and worth every bit of it. There were hundreds of the most exquisitely colored and patterned pedigreed cats. Short-tailed breeds considered exotic here but that are common street cats in Japan. (To be fair, the Japanese consider our typical short-hair long-tails to be exotic. Go figure.) Abyssinians, Maus, Russian Blues, Himalayans. (That last one's a particularly interesting breed, their unique faces naturally forming a kind of scowl, making them the only cat breed with a facial expression to match the attitude.) In one area, a woman was leading, if it can be called that, a cat through a series of obstacles. (The "tricks" consisted of her dangling a toy while the cat climbed the steps, went through the tube, or did whatever else to get to it. Seems to me any cat will do that, but what do I know?) Finally she held the toy on the other side of a hoop, expecting the cat to go through to get to it. The cat, no doubt aware of the symbolism of going through a hoop at a human's bidding, look at the toy, the hoop, and the woman, and turned around and went back into the tube, refusing to come out. As the folks in the American Express commercials would day, priceless. And exactly the reason why all those people who came love cats so much. You don't have to spend much time around cats to understand why they weren't made with middle fingers.

And I'm sure you still know where this is going.

Another area was an adoption fair for rescued strays. So many cats of so many ages and enthusiasm levels. Though it's far too late to make this long story short, our interest in meeting a short-hair kitten of moderate energy level (and, I admit, that didn't look just like Skids, the better to view a new family member as an individual) led us to Willy and Lillie. They're four-month old white and grey brother and sister short-hairs who cuddled together, cleaned each other, and generally displayed a mutual devotion that would be somewhat disturbing between human siblings but that is adorable in cats. We were only looking for one cat, but it seemed unimaginable to separate them. Two adoption fees and one train ride later, I am the proud poppa of two beautiful furry new family members. At long last, my sons, who are twins, will get to be the ones saying, "Which one are you?"

I'd hoped to have pictures to include here but after only a day Willy and Lillie are still in the "we'd better stay under this chair or that strange man will eat us" phase.

Leaving the supermarket last night with a cart loaded with cat things, a lady I passed watched my cart intently. I saw her and beamed like a proud new poppa.

As I knew where this was going.


hotquack said...

Hi Daddy!!  And congratulations!  A single kitten is fun but a pair is more than twice the fun.  I am so happy for you and envious as well.  I miss not having cats.  Finley, the parrot, is not nearly as cuddly but he doesn't climb the drapeseither.  Of course that is only because he is locked in his cage.

When we went to Japan, way back when, we took our pets.... the dog, a female boxer and our cat.... a grey persian with long hair and a very long tail.  He was the talk of the neighborhood as we discovered that the native cats were short haired with short tails.  He was an unusual cat who loved to ride in the car and would lay in the back window as if it was his throne and where all the passersby could see and admire him.  People were always looking through our gate trying to catch a glimpse of him.

I wish you much joy and laughter with these two new members of your family not to mention scratched ankles.    And yes, I knew where this was going. <smile>

astoriasand said...

I am so happy you have found TWO new (sounding adorable) pets Ben.You will have your hands full now for a while.Yehhhhhhh cuddles galore.I don't know much about cats, but I am thrilled the two have gone to someone I know will give them all the love and attention they need. I love strawberry jam Mmmm.Well done on that one.Glad you enjoyed the show and didn't come home empty handed he-he as if you could have .LOL!!I gathered what the Title of the post meant before I opened it.Have great evening .Take Care God Bless Kath. astoriasand

amy122389 said...

I started squeaking when I read this sentence: "we went to the Cat Championship Show at Madison Square Garden."

LOL - you're as bad as me.  ;-P


oldhousegal said...

Conrats on your entry into the world of multiple-cat ownership!  You better get those pictures posted soon so we can all ooh and ahh.  The fun part about having more than one cat (other than the extra poop) is learning the many ways in which all cats are EXACTLY alike and the equally many ways in which all cats are COMPLETELY different.

ereading7 said...

Two is definately the way to go, if you can.  I have two; an unrelated male and female.  So different in almost every way possible (except turning their noses up at the same food).  So cute to see them curled up together in the cold weather.  Both are a delight in their own unique way.