Friday, November 16, 2007

Life Soup

Some moments to write, finally. It's just been that kind of couple of weeks. But enough chit-chat...on to the issues.

Issue 1: Barry, We Hardly Knew Ye

So now we find out Barry Bonds took steroids. Who would have thought it? It's a sad day for baseball, of course, but an even sadder day for the legions of young boys and girls who look up to sports figures like Bonds and believe in their young hearts that if you work hard and never lose sight of your dreams, it really is possible for anyone to grow large muscles and increase their head size in a matter of weeks.

In Tom Wolfe's great book about the American space program, The Right Stuff, he describes the mindset of a group of test pilots whenever one is killed in a testing accident. They're saddened, of course, but each man's mind also invariably finds all the reasons he wouldn't have crashed the way the doomed pilot did. I think a similar thing can happen when someone is too long on the pedestal of public adulation, thinking that the laws (of man as well as physics) only apply to regular people.

The charges against Barry Bonds aren't for taking steroids per se. Rather, they are for lying about it under oath. It's the same kind of thing that sent Martha Stewart to the big house when she decided to mislead investigators looking into those insider trading allegations. I've never agreed with those who said she was sent to prison because she's a celebrity. First, since when has that ever gotten anyone hard treatment in court? Second, taking it upon yourself to hamper a criminal investigation is a serious matter, sometimes more serious than whatever the original investigation was about. Where do these people think they are, FEMA?

Nixon lied about Watergate and became synonymous with political evil. (Considering our politics and politicians, that's really saying something.) Conversely, Reagan owned up to Iran Contra and ended up all but beatified. Clinton...well, he's Clinton.

With Bonds being a free agent I have to think no team will sign him with this indictment hanging over his head. We'll see how it all plays out, but it's starting to look like we won't have Barry Bonds to kick around any more.

Issue 2: This Will Sleigh You

A news item today reported that some Santa's (Santae?) in Australia have been directed not to say "ho ho ho" because it could be considered offensive by some women. Even if Santa were pointing at the perp walk from a brothel raid when he said it, I'm not sure the average three or four year old would get the inference. (Though I've known a few who probably would.) I think when someone created the expression, "You can't make this stuff up," this is the kind of thing they had in mind.

Issue 3: Residential Demolition, While You Wait

This is the latest photo of Willie (on the right) and Lily (on the left). (Yes, we decided to fix the spellings of their names.) Pulling clothes off hangers, throwing laundry around the bedroom and running around in a way that recreates the sound from every cowboy movie ever made wherein a herd of horses gallops in from the plains is hard work, and they need to rest sometime. Seeing them this way makes me think of a lot of things. Mostly about how witnessing life in its pure, innocent form underscores how very badly we've screwed up everything else. 


amy122389 said...

I'm still in love with Lily.  ;-P  My kitten is sprawled out on my sofa currently like 'what?  you expected to ever sit on this side of the sofa again?  so sorry to disappoint.'

(when I first started reading....I was like 'Barry Manilow died?!  What?!'  heeeeeheehee....)


oldhousegal said...

I'm glad to see that Willie and Lily have assumed their rightful positions as King & Queen of Your House.  I'm sure they will adjust to the new spellings of their names quite quickly.  When we acquired our 13 year old cat many years ago, his name was Orlando.  We adopted him from a neighbor (long story).  My husband declared that he could not own a cat with a 3-syllable name, so he changed the cat's name to Tony.  It took the cat a few months to start answering to the new name, but he caught on eventually.  Of course, Tony soon morphed into Antonio, Tony Boy and Tony Baloney.  Most of our cats have had some sort of nickname.  Our 4 year old cat Buddy became the Budmeister in very short order.  We used to call our calico (may she RIP) "The Overlord" because of her propensity to sit about mid-way up on the spiral stair and observe the goings on in the living room.  I assume you've begun to think of suitable nicknames for the kids as well.  Perhaps Willie could become "Slick Willie" in honor of our former president?

As to your other musings:
I can't comment on Mr. Bonds.  I'm not a baseball fan and I don't follow it at all.  I'm sorry if that seems shocking, but there it is.  I just sincerely hope that the US Congress doesn't convene any hearings on it.  I would think that Iraq, the economy, health care, global warming & the on-going parade of outed right-wingers might be enough to keep them occupied.

As to the Santas Down Under, just remember that they have to celebrate Christmas in the middle of their summer.  That's got to warp your mind in some way.  Did they impose a similar restriction on pirates?  Is it now politically incorrect to say "Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum?"

astoriasand said...

Awww bless them two little kittens they are so bonny Ben.Sorry I cannot comment on the  baseball living in UK and I like to here the sound of HO HO HO at Christmas time LOL! But hats just me.Take Care God Bless Kath