Monday, November 3, 2008

Play Ball!

A few thoughts as we prepare for the world series of number crunching to begin...

Can You Come Back in a Minute? I'm Still Deciding

New and, presumably, near-final polls for tomorrow's election all show undecideds hovering around 5%. This naturally leads me to wonder:
  • Will they vote for Obama or McCain;
  • Might they express some frustration (and impact the election) by voting for one of the fringe candidates; and
What do these people think they're going to hear in the next twelve hours that they haven't heard in the last twelve months? Are they planning on going into the booth and doing eenie-meenie-miney-moe, or will they try to remember what went on at each debate and possibly confuse it with something they saw on Saturday Night Live? Admittedly, elections have been decided on less (coughcough2000coughcough), but still...

Répondez S'il Vous Plaît

In her interview with Katie Couric from a few weeks ago, Sarah Palin responded to a question on foreign policy by thinking a moment and saying, "Let me get back to you on that." I wonder if she ever did.

The Audacity of Hoping I'm Wrong

I hesitate even to write this, but I must. I try to stay pretty even-handed in this space, though it's probably pretty obvious I'm supporting Obama in this election. Standing your ground doesn't mean you can't be respectful. That said, I'm not at peace right now in spite of all the numbers showing Obama winning this thing tomorrow. I just can't escape the feeling that McCain is going to pull it out. I don't know if the undecideds, like the donkey who starved to death because he had two bowls of food in front of him and couldn't decide which one to eat, will just not vote and affect things. Or if a whole bunch of those people who told the pollsters they would vote for Obama will get into the booth and, suddenly faced with the reality of voting without regard to race will revert to something less civilized. Or maybe the polls were just wrong, that margin-of-error thing they always mention at the end. There's not a non-partisan poll anywhere to support any of this, and the electoral college scenarios by which it could happen all sound pretty pie-in-the-sky. It's just a gut feeling from a guy for whom one of life's greatest joys is worrying, and not a pleasant one at that.

And On An Unrelated Note

Tonight I was at the supermarket and, be still my heart, Mallomars were on sale. After circling the display a number of times like a hyena, I needed to admit I was powerless, and that only a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity. Those admissions made, I walked away without buying any. One day at a time, indeed. Go me!


Monica said...

Maybe it would've been wise to buy a Mellomar for tomorrow to eat while watching the election returns? Just a thought.

I'm with you in not understanding the undecided. A friend told me she tells everyone she is undecided because she doesn't want to have to defend/argue her choice.


oldhousegal said...

Well I was so worried about having a problem voting that I got up before dawn and found myself at my polling place at five minutes after it opened, 6:05 AM to be exact. And there was a line already, although it was short. Mostly young people, which I took as a good sign. One young woman said it was her first time voting and she seemed pretty jazzed. That was uplifting for an increasingly cynical old biddy like me.

I share your worry. There is nothing to do now but wait it out.

Amy said...

Pass some of that willpower in my direction, will you?

It has been eerily quiet over in my neck of the woods today. I'll take that as a sign that everyone is out voting...

miss alaineus said...

what's a mallowmar?

i had to pass up the instant mashed potato section the other day at the store, always an old friend in the time of great stress (report cards) unfailingly providing comfort and sustenance...

my school election results: obama won 126/12

Indigo said...

Tomorrow will tell us where the future lies dear friend. And like you I know where my heart is yet I much is at stake this time around.

Why you didn't buy the Mallomars I don't know. I would of in a heartbeat. Turmoil is perfect company with something sweet. (Hugs)Indigo

Saltydawg said...

Glad your instincts were wrong!
Gaz ;-)