Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Final - Or Not - Election Thoughts

I'm glad Obama's victory was by decisive numbers but I'd lie if I said it never crossed my mind that it would have been mischievously poetic if McCain won the popular vote, and Obama got the presidency by the electoral vote.

It was great seeing Obama's and Biden's families together on stage after Obama's acceptance. It also got me thinking there should have been one more debate during the campaign, a smackdown between Biden's mother and McCain's. Now THAT would have outdrawn Biden-Palin and, if publicized the right way, probably the Superbowl too.

I know I'm not alone in hearing McCain's gracious and respectful concession and thinking, "Now THAT'S the John McCain I've admired and respected for so long." Who was that guy who looked like McCain who, for the past several months, has been traveling the country saying un-McCain -like things? Mac, at last, really is back, and I truly believe we're better for it.

In analyzing the election results, nearly every commentator I've heard has mentioned how the McCain campaign's death slide was greased by his party affiliation with, and I'm quoting here, an "unpopular president."

Unpopular? Sorry, folks. A 45% approval rating would make for an "unpopular" president. A 24% approval rating qualifies as a "lousy" president. And there's no spinning this as a partisan issue. When 76% of the country disapproves of your administration, there are a lot of members of your own party who think you suck.

The same commentators are suggesting that Sarah Palin will be a serious contender for president in 2012. This journalism-by-speculation ignores a couple of realities:
  1. Four years is the equivalent of several lifetimes in the world of national politics. We just had an election between two people, neither of whom in 2004 were considered likely to be their party's respective nominee in 2008.
  2. Sarah Palin may have excited the 24% of people who took time out from stockpiling canned goods and ammunition to say they think George Bush has been a good president. The rest of the population - including many leading Republicans - has recognized that she was a significant contributor to McCain's presidential demise and, as such, has political herpes serious enough to discourage all but the most desperate vote-seeker from letting their electoral ambition get too intimate with hers. She may have a working knowledge of current events in Alaska, but if she thinks anyone is going to elect a president - or a vice-president - who'll sit across a table from Vladimir Putin and say, "Hmmm...let me get back to ya on that!" she's out of her mind. Does she think he's sitting in the Kremlin thinking about how he can see Alaska from some parts of Russia?


miss alaineus said...

don't forget about half of the 24% of the people squirreling away goods for the rapture would never vote for palin because she should be in the home making more good god-fearin' babies, rather then leading our country.....

i am glad it's over. i think i almost have a teeny bit of faith in the system again for the first time in a very long time.


Cathy said...

Gotta agree, the John McCain I first saw decades ago was nothing like this moron. Many thought Palin was the detraction from his idiocy. Didn't work, she made it more obvious. As for politics, Palin is untouchable no matter how many condoms you use.

Kathy said...

Very well writen post. I couldn't agree with you more.

Oh, and by the way, 4 years equals 28 dog years. LOL Personally, I hope she stays in Alaska. I like her personally but she's not leadership material now or ever.


krissy knox said...

Excellent points, Ben.

Krissy :)
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oldhousegal said...

Well, I never would have believed it but I have something in common with Sarah Palin after all -- we're both Diet Dr. Pepper gals!

Angie said...

Oh dear, Ben, not being politically minded I don't know anything about all these percentages. All I can say is they chose the guy I hoped they'd choose.

I'd be the world's worst on a jury - I always think everybody's telling the truth! I never heard of Mr. Obama (and at first I thought he was an Irish guy!)until - woops - one day, there he was chasing Mrs Clinton away (I'd heard of her!).

I thought I heard of Mr. McCain then realised it was Oven Chips I was thinking of.

I thought what a pretty woman Mrs Palin was but realised that for all her 'down home mom' speeches she must be as tough as old boots to get where she is.

Until Mr Obama's acceptance speech I had never heard the name Biden! I am not proud of that. I am even less proud not to have wondered who the Irish guy's running mate was.

Glad it's all finished thoughand that I have finally got 'em all sorted out in my mind.
love, Angie, xx

Lori said...

Great post! No way could Palin ever be a serious presidential contender, and never again a serious vice-presidential contender.

Martha said...

I promised myself I wouldn't write about or comment on anything election realted - so in that case, I'm just stopping by to say hi :-)

Martha said...

Just stoppin' in again on a blog jog. Have a great weekend! :-)