Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oy, Britney

She must belong to San Francisco, she must have lost her way.
Postin’ a poster of Poncho and Cisco one California day.
She said she believes in Robin Hood and brotherhood and colours of green and grey.
And all you can do is laugh at her, doesn't anybody know how to pray?

(Mark Lindsay, “Arizona”)

I’d hoped to keep the “Unsaid” space a Britney-free zone, and generally it will be. A couple of things seen this morning convinced me to make today an exception: 

·        The New York Daily News and the Sunday New York Post (no doubt along with hundreds of other Sunday newspapers across the country) featured a full front page photo of Britney’s famous/infamous haircut. (Though there is some satisfaction knowing there’s nothing else going on worthy of being on the front page.)

·        I read the 2/17/07 entry at The venerable Ms. Butler’s writings have long been so insightful, good, thought-provoking and just plain worth reading it hardly seems right to refer to them as a mere blog.


To be honest, I’d prepared (and was all set to post) a Britney comment that was, shall we say, not terribly concerned with her well-being. After the items noted above, particularly the secone one, I am humbled now to realize that the notion of having compassion on those less fortunate applies even when they live in mansions.


As near as I can tell, Britney has never hurt anyone except herself. (Well, there was that K-Fed fellow, but he probably deserved it.) There are people in the world worthy of our scorn, and they're not hard to find. I'm reminded that a 20-something singer who was driven to self-destructive behavior by personal and professional pressures is not one of them.


Ok, I'll stop now.

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