Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heard Today

News Item 1:

The local newspaper reported a story about a man who put an autographed photo of Lisa Nowak up for sale on e-bay in the hope of scoring a windfall to pay for his son's college education. After weeding out the fake bids, the best price he'd gotten at press time (with just a few hours of bidding left) was $67. He shouldn't worry too much. I'm sure it won't be too long before someone else somewhere has a personal meltdown he can try to turn into his personal lottery ticket. Nice to know some people have their priorities straight.

News Item 2:

A radio report said country music radio stations still won't play Dixie Chick records, the stations saying that the people who voted them five Grammy Awards are out of touch. I have to agree. Those Grammy-folks just have no sense at all of what matters to the twenty-five percent of Americans who still think Bush has anything to offer.

I don't even like his wife anymore. So there.


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