Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cooking with Gas

Hello. Yeah, it's been a while. Not much, how about you?

You've probably noticed I haven't been posting much lately. There are several reasons for that, the biggest being that in these socially and politically polarized times, it's easy to go into "if I ruled the world" overload; while such posts make for great venting they don't always make for inspiring reading. Over time the subjects of the posts become scattered in so many directions that the journal as a whole loses its focus. That's bad for the writer, and for the reader as well. (Ok, and there's also the problem of Sarah Palin remarks becoming so easy to make there's little challenge there anymore.)

In order to stay focused and energized, I'm stepping back from Better Left Unsaid and taking a new (and, I think, exciting) challenge into the blogosphere: "Kissing the Cook" is a new journal about shared adventures in cooking and food for regular people. (I'll keep Unsaid in existence, in case it seems appropriate at some point to post something there.)

Visit! Comment! Subscribe! It's very much my hope for Kissing the Cook to be an interactive two-way forum. You gotta eat, after all.

I really hope I get to see you there!

And thanks.



Big Mark 243 said...

The pies look delish!

Angie said...

Oh I have high hopes for this new venture. See you over there!

Kattytrick said...

Yes! The pies look scrumpish! I absolutely LOVE pie! So much so, that for my birthday my mother always made me an Apple or Peach Pie instead of a cake!

I'll wait for MY turn to be "Kissing The Cook"....See you soon!

oldhousegal said...

Sounds fun!