Sunday, May 11, 2008


Back in high school, a good friend (who went on to write professionally) wrote a column called "Graffiti" in the school newspaper. It was a collection of short, odds-and-ends items, and I was reminded of that title while gathering the mini-rants below.

Britney's mom must be feeling kind of slighted right now

A mothers organization in Long Island, NY has given Lindsay Lohan's mother a "Top Mom" award. No, really, I'm serious, and so, apparently, are the members of the mothers organization. I'm cheering Lindsay on in her recovery efforts, but let's face it, folks: giving Dina Lohan a mothering award would be as ridiculous as, say, George Bush offering his administration's expertise on responding to a natural disaster. And how dumb would THAT be?

Heck of a job, George

The hearts of any civilized human being have to go out to the people of Myanmar, and everything humanly possible that can be done to help them should be done. That said, am I the only one who finds a cruel irony in our current president offering his administration's expertise for responding to a natural disaster?

Do they still have to attack if he calls it "nucular?"

This past Tuesday morning, the Today Show had a piece where Al Roker got to go into one of the top-secret underground silos from which nuclear attacks would be launched. Roker asked some interesting questions of the dedicated soldiers who - quite literally - have their fingers on the buttons, exploring how they'd feel if a strike were ordered, but forgot to ask this one: are they concerned that the person who could order a nuclear attack is a self-absorbed, morally bankrupt, short-sighted, self-righteous, self-deluding fool who can't handle the complexities of putting a subject and a predicate together to form a sentence?

While on the subject of the president, please join me, dear readers, in offering heartfelt congratulations to his daughter Jenna for her wedding day. And in praying, really hard, that they don't procreate.

Here's looking at you, kid...

Want to know what's wrong with the world? I'll tell you what's wrong with the world. The current issue of Vanity Fair has a cover story about how Robert Kennedy's evolving thoughts on the Viet Nam war influenced his decision to run for president. It's hugely powerful stuff that has enormous relevance today. And does anyone even know the article is there? No, because the same issue has two photos of entertainer Miley Cyrus that are much more important for us to talk and write about.We do it to ourselves, folks.

Iron Chef Freedonia

A couple of weeks ago I had the great experience of seeing Duck Soup, my favorite Marx Brothers movie, on a 50 foot screen at the beautiful old Loews theater here I've written about previously. I couldn't have been the only person there who thought Zeppo had an eerie resemblance to Bobby Flay.

(A semi-unrelated item I couldn't resist sharing: Around the time Duck Soup (which takes place in "Freedonia") first came out, the upstate NY city of Fredonia complained about the use of so similar a name. From Groucho came this response: "Change the name of your town. It's hurting our picture.") 

Gratuitous American Idol Item

So now we learn that a good bit of the the "live" comments given by the judges for each performance are prepared before the show based on rehearsals. Who could have guessed the judging process on that show wasn't completely proper? I certainly don't see anything wrong with people being judged on their ability to stand at a microphone and sing by a panel of people, not one of whom - and I'm including Paula in this - could themselves stand a microphone and sing. Nor is there anything wrong with contests being decided by an uninformed general public voting multiple times in the same election. It's done all the time here in New Jersey.



oldhousegal said...

Nice to see you back.  I feared you had vanished into the black hole of the web.  Enjoyed the mini-rants as well.  I guess I wouldn't be so hard on Dina Lohan.  After all, at some point, each person has to become responsible for their own life and behavior and stop blaming Mom & Dad for how they were potty-trained.  As for Jenna Bush's wedding, my recurring thought was that I'm sure it was a lovely family gathering and I would never begrudge anyone that, but how many parents are out there who will never experience that joy because their son or daughter was killed in Iraq?  I wonder if Mr. Bush ever thinks about that?

rdautumnsage said...

I throughly enjoyed this post hon! I'm in agreement on all fronts. I'm also in turmoil knowing my soon to be SIL will be going to Iraq in Sept. This war has all the ingredients that the Vietnam War had. I see the resemblence more and more, unfortunately there is no end in sight. The only hope we have is we are half way through this year and the end of Bush's reign. (Hugs) Indigo

silverdoe64 said...

good to see you here again! as always I enjoyed reading..take care

ereading7 said...

I enjoyed your Graffiti, thanks.  Amber

oldhousegal said...

BTW, have you ever been to Fredonia?  I have.  It's kind of a nifty little town.  Artsy and quaint.  Although it's a  l  o  n  g  drive from Albany, not to mention New Jersey.  Did it round trip in a day once, at the urging of our now mutual supervisor.  I told him I would NEVER do that again...